Reasons Is Different

How is Handcrafted Nation different from other handmade marketplace venues ?

Handcrafted Nation was developed when a group of sellers from other handmade marketplace venues, who were not pleased with certain aspects of those sites, came together to try to eliminate some of the problems and concerns they experienced on those sites.

They found that the other handmade marketplace venues started steering away from their handmade roots, started trying to please stockholders instead of their userbase, didn't properly support their sellers or help them to succeed, etc.

First and foremost, really, really, really, REALLY supports the handmade movement. I know lots of other handmade marketplace venues (most in fact !) say that they do but really fall short in standing behind that statement. Not only do we promote buying (and selling !) handmade, but we personally buy handmade ourselves. Also, whenever possible, purchases items or services it needs for the business and website (marketing materials, graphics, contest giveaway prizes, etc.) directly from independent artisans.


One of the main differences at is how we work tirelessly to promote our shop owners. One of the ways we do this is by the use of Shop Advisors.