Learn How to Sell on Handcrafted Nation

What can you sell?

  • Handmade Goods

    You can sell items that are handmade by you. To keep to our handmade roots, we do not allow mass produced or manufactured goods. (See also vintage items and craft supplies information below).

  • Vintage Items

    Vintage items must be at least 20 years old.

  • Craft Supplies

    You can sell tools, ingredients or materials used in the creation of a new handmade item. Commercially made materials that are ready to use as finished goods may not be sold as craft supplies on Handcrafted Nation.

  • Digital Goods

    You can also sell digital goods such as graphics and logos, PDFs, manuals, e-books and more.

How does it work?

  • List item

    List your item for sale. Currently it is FREE to list and sell at Handcrafted Nation. Beginning January 1st, 2017- Handcrafted Nation charges a recurring monthly subscription fee of $13.95 per month. This allows you to list unlimited items and pay no transaction fees on sales.

  • Get paid

    Shoppers fall in love with your item and purchase and pay for their new treasure.

  • Ship item

    You ship the item to your customer.

Why sell with us

  • Active buyers

    Shoppers visit Handcrafted Nation to find unique handmade items that they might not find anywhere else. Our buyers also shop for vintage items and craft supplies as well. Reach your target customer right here on Handcrafted Nation.

  • We are different !

    Handcrafted Nation truly supports the handmade movement and as part of that commitment, we work very hard to help our sellers succeed. Our heavy advertising, use of shop advisors to help get your shop noticed and a vast array of selling tools helps us stand out from other handmade marketplace venues.